Reflecting in this moment – self compassion is important & so are hugs from strangers

I posted this in the “reflections” part of my blog as well, but reflections are super meaningful moments for me, and I think they deserve their own post as well…

There are many moments in life where it’s important to pause and acknowledge what’s happening around us – to make sure we’re feeling it the way we need to. In order to learn, grow, or simply mourn properly, we NEED to pause for that. My intention here is all about happy moments, but sometimes it’s not as simple as finding a nice lovely moment to appreciate. Sometimes it’s more important. Today, it’s more important – and it’s not a simple or fun, or celebratory moment. But, it’s a moment that will impact me and moments that impact me can be hard but are an important part of the journey in finding and sharing the moments that DO naturally bring a smile. I’d like to focus on the positive side of that. At the same time, I need to let myself feel it the way it’s happening within me, and give it the credit it deserves over the the things that made me smile today.

I’ve said it before and that’s why I’m writing this now – there are times that naturally fill me with emotion in a way that requires reflection. Those moments (I’m realizing) are often bittersweet. But, these milestones shape me and remind me that the right path for me, will often NOT be the easier one. It’s hard to see the sweet side of bitter right now, but I have to believe that there will be one.  It’s our job to learn the lessons… and I won’t learn it without allowing it to happen and be felt.

I have a need to be transparent, I couldn’t hide my emotions if I tried, nor would i want to. Today my emotion showed in an elevator ride and a random woman just reached out and hugged me tight and told me (without knowing anything about me) that it would all be alright, and that I shouldn’t cry because it would ruin my make-up. I knew both of these things, but I’m always amazed when someone recognizes a human need or comfort and goes for it despite any normal social boundaries. I thank this nameless lady and hope she knows it will all be alright too.  Sending hugs out to anyone who reads this and I’ll imagine you’re all hugging me back.

Thank you for every read, every like, and all the support of all of you.


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