Day 601 (Year 2, Day 233)

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.50.17 PM.png

On a day when my brain fogged up with a dull headache, I wasn’t expecting to see anything clearly. And in that moment, I turned toward the tantrum throwing toddler and understood her for the first time. She looked at me with desperate relief and said, “Finally” as she pulled herself up and gave me a grateful hug.

I asked, “Why didn’t you say something?” And she said, “I was trying, but I didn’t know the words” And then I cried in joyous relief – not just because I could finally help her, but because I saw how much she grew in THIS moment – a moment I never saw coming. So I hugged her even tighter, overcome with the meaning of speaking the same language and took us out for ice cream to celebrate. The struggle seemed so silly once we understood – it’s always so obvious in hindsight – and yet the simplest answer often takes the most work.


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