Day 662 (Year 2, Day 293)

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.03.59 PM


I hung this up today. Regardless of whether it can be deemed beautiful by others, I think it is.I love it for the depth of existence it represents, for the colors that bring me joy, and the vulnerability that I am practicing.

When I look at this, I see a complex journey with many layers building it, and rebuilding it back up. I love the imperfectness of the the paper with raw edges ripped and placed – some placed to protect something deep and meaningful that lies below, some placed with the delicateness that a frail, thin, thread-liked piece of a paper is only capable of. I love that I can see where there was a change in course, leaving a mark of intention where moving forward required letting go.

I love this because it’s full of texture – bringing together the tumultuous, the tough,the layers and layers of stories that exist beneath, with  positivity and growth that CAN come out of that. And while I see some struggle, I see fluidity and grace as it moves towards lightness… to a place where things aren’t so heavy and the path becomes less defined. I see the scars that are learning to feel beautiful and paper threads that frame the fragile face of the soul.

I love this because while making it I allowed myself to get lost in an almost meditative state, trusting the paper and glue to be my guide.  I love this because it is literally unfinished in one corner – exposing a vulnerability in believing in something unseen.

I love this because it is me – and regardless of where I am, I can only start from here.



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