Day 755 (Year 3, Day 25)

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.03.15 AM.png

Ok this is what my happy moments are all about … Some context first – I just landed in Newark and have 2 hours until my train to Stamford (it’s 3 pm here and I’ve been up since 8 pm last night in local time when I left Lisbon) … So I’m a little drunk and super tired. I get a coffee at the Amtrak station (and for some reason they only have hot coffee – not going to complain it’s dunkin! Although I may melt) … A family from Kuwait is looking for somewhere to sit and me and another solo lady offer our seats and consolidate so they can all have a seat… The father/husband comes up to us and gives us these lovely doll -like things and says they have candy in them as a way of saying thank you! So sweet! So I’ve tucked my candy lady into my backpack so she’s waving at anyone that goes by … Helloooo! (I said I was tired right?) 💁

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