Share your own happy day journey!

Feel free to contact me here!!!!

I love shared experiences!

So, if your’e feeling inspired and want to join me on my ‘happy days for life’ journey, I’d love to post it along with me on here. Feel free to message me and send me your pics. But I don’t need to post it on here if you’d rather not – if you’re going to do it publicly I’d love to follow along your journey – just use #happydaysforlife and we can encourage each other!  If you prefer not to share your daily pics with the world but feel like connecting with me about your own journey, message me too. This stuff makes my heart swell – so I’d love to know about your experience.

Also feel free to just say HI! I like people – especially anyone who takes the time to care about this. Just click on the link above to email me. Enjoy your happy moments!

5 thoughts on “Share your own happy day journey!

  1. I write music everyday I live on a beach and watch the sun go down and stroll with the seagulls on the shoreline as summer is officially over I repair antique guitars(which I then record with them) and write music for other people to cover I previously had a full medical practice beginning in 1972 I had a passion for horses guitar music art wine flying and pursued them all I developed a company with the amish horsemen which I own they have run for 25 years….I recently leanred French as I am fluent in Spanish and English is my native tongue I still do forensic research for lawyers as I taught cardiology and did expert testimony in the 60-80’s each day I get up see the water from my window have my coffee on the deck and know life is good gee I wonder why my friends call me mr lucky I paint winebottles for wineries private parties and have some of mine in very interesting art collections around the world I am up every day at 5 am do my music and practice guitar do about 2 hours on the computer then just enjoy what the day brings it is grape harvest time so I am in the vineyards and at the winery enjoying the smells and the abundance of a boom year in southwestern Michigan along the lake


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