Reflective moments

I don't know how many times I've crossed this bridge in my life - but today it struck me as beautiful. But a unique kind of beautiful that happens sometimes when you've become a visitor in your old life
I don’t know how many times I’ve crossed this bridge in my life – but today it struck me as beautiful. But a unique kind of beautiful that happens sometimes when you’ve become a visitor in your old life… 

This journey has been such an interesting learning experience. It doesn’t surprise me that along the way I’ve had these amazing moments where I am completely struck by the emotion of it all – where I am, where I’ve come from, and how I’m feeling about life.

I don’t want to take away from the simplicity of my blog (focusing on one moment and a caption) so this is where I will share those moments as they happen (starting with reposting the few from the past)

From newest to oldest:

The power of perspective – demystifying the madness
February 4, 2015

I was beginning to think I was in a rut, and was feeling like the effort I put into understanding wasn’t resulting in clarity or growth. And just like that –  a different perspective, a new definition and a sudden complete understanding – I was given the gift of this moment. 

From Day 601…
On a day when my brain fogged up with a dull headache, I wasn’t expecting to see anything clearly. And in that moment, I turned toward the tantrum throwing toddler and understood her for the first time. She looked at me with desperate relief and said, “Finally” as she pulled herself up and gave me a grateful hug.

I asked, “Why didn’t you say something?” And she said, “I was trying, but I didn’t know the words” And then I cried in joyous relief – not just because I could finally help her, but because I saw how much she grew in THIS moment – a moment I never saw coming. So I hugged her even tighter, overcome with the meaning of speaking the same language and took us out for ice cream to celebrate. The struggle seemed so silly once we understood – it’s always so obvious in hindsight – and yet the simplest answer often takes the most work. 🍦


Reflecting in this moment – self compassion is important
September, 29, 2015

There are many moments in life where it’s important to pause and acknowledge what’s happening around us – to make sure we’re feeling it the way we need to. In order to learn, grow, or simply mourn properly, we NEED to pause for that. My intention here is all about happy moments, but sometimes it’s not as simple as finding a nice lovely moment to appreciate. Sometimes it’s more important. Today, it’s more important – and it’s not a simple or fun, or celebratory moment. But, it’s a moment that will impact me and moments that impact me can be hard but are an important part of the journey in finding and sharing the moments that DO naturally bring a smile. I’d like to focus on the positive side of that. At the same time, I need to let myself feel it the way it’s happening within me, and give it the credit it deserves over the the things that made me smile today.

I’ve said it before and that’s why I’m writing this now – there are times that naturally fill me with emotion in a way that requires reflection. Those moments (I’m realizing) are often bittersweet. But, these milestones shape me and remind me that the right path for me, will often NOT be the easier one. It’s hard to see the sweet side of bitter right now, but I have to believe that there will be one.  It’s our job to learn the lessons… and I won’t learn it without allowing it to happen and be felt.

I have a need to be transparent, I couldn’t hide my emotions if I tried, nor would i want to. Today my emotion showed in an elevator ride and a random woman just reached out and hugged me tight and told me (without knowing anything about me) that it would all be alright, and that I shouldn’t cry because it would ruin my make-up. I knew both of these things, but I’m always amazed when someone recognizes a human need or comfort and goes for it despite any normal social boundaries. I thank this nameless lady and hope she knows it will all be alright too.  Sending hugs out to anyone who reads this and I’ll imagine you’re all hugging me back.

Thank you for every read, every like, and all the support of all of you.



A lesson on impressions…
August, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.08.32 PM

Bittersweet! 👠
I’m appreciating the lesson that first impressions aren’t always the lasting impressions

I’m sentimental and believe that closing chapters to start new adventures always deserve some sort of reflection. 7 months ago I was stressed out about working in the TL and it’s strange to know that I’ll miss it. When I was trying to describe the feeling I got from working in this particular building to someone at WeWork the other day, they captured it perfectly – it felt like a clubhouse. In my time in my WeWork clubhouse I’ve experienced a slew of life changes, not to mention that starting a new job and working there was a huge life change in itself. Time flies… and I’m super glad I’ve got moments of it through my happy days for life – MANY of which feature this very building. I’m sure the Transbay building will be delightful in a whole lot of other ways (getting to go for a relaxing walk at lunch…. having lunch options!!) but I’ll miss this place and the people in it.

I realize this might sound overly sappy considering it’s not like i’m even leaving SF and could technically walk back here if I chose to.. but it’s different. It’s a shift that affects my daily life. It’s the difference of not getting greeted by the same lovely door man that battles the chaos outside for us, and all the specific lovely faces that work here and learned my name despite having to remember however many people are squeezed onto 7 floors. And the building itself is just quirky and cool and has lots of little nooks and crannies.

I’m sure the next office will be great! But, before I head on over, I just want to pause and remember that this place was an amazing surprise. I love surprises – and I experienced a lot of them here. It’s a good reminder that things aren’t always what you expect them to be, that first impressions (good and bad) aren’t always the lasting impressions, and having an open mind is always a good idea.


Wrapping up 365 days…
June, 2015

William Cross Wine Merchant

Wow, what a crazy ride it’s been.. 365 days of happy. Really gives life an interesting perspective. And while I had numerous moments of happy today (which happens when you’re looking out for them!) I will sum it up with a blend of new and old – because not everything in the past is bad and not everything in the now or future is good… But lucky for me, I have a happy blend of both for this first year wrap up… Appreciating a good oldy (favorite wine bar in my old hood) with a new(ish) friend (Becca) …While the past year of happy is gone, these two will definitely be making appearances in the future! But- I am so thankful for ALL the people in my life!


A little reflection of my 100 days…
June, 2014

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.36.46 AM

As I wrap up my 100 days of happy – I can’t help but feel a little emotional about it. It’s been a really inspiring experience.

You wouldn’t know by looking at these pics that I’ve been going through a pretty challenging time for various reasons. And I suppose you could look at that as fake or you could look at it as focusing on something positive instead of dwelling on all that is not.

Being accountable every day for something positive for 100 days was sometimes hard and oftentimes it was something as simple as a soft pillow. But looking at it all now – it’s amazing for a couple reasons.
1. how fast time goes by and it’s even more tangible doing this
2. How lovely all these moments are
And when I look at these down the road, I won’t remember the crap that frustrated me for the rest of these days.

I have to admit I’m sad to stop – so I think I’m going to go for 365 but if you’re looking for a little inspiration, I encourage you to try it


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