Day 602 (Year 2, Day 234)

Meet Boris, Wallace, and Henry… More reasons to love WeWork! Thank you Soren for letting me adopt Wallace my new favorite dinosaur! And Sam for having a magical knack for names! He’s going to a very happy home and I’ll bring him back to visit his front desk friends regularly 🙂 

Year 2, Day 83

Picking it early… Gotta add some sunRISE love for all the sunsets. Sunrises may not be our strength in Cali but from my office looking through the buildings at the bay bridge it’s pretty cool looking to me! 🌅☀️

Year 2, Day 55

Bittersweet! 👠 appreciating the lesson that first impressions aren’t always the lasting impressions ❤️❤️❤️❤️  Bittersweet… I’m sentimental and believe that closing chapters to start new adventures always deserve some sort of reflection. 7 months ago I was stressed out about working in the TL and it’s strange to know that I’ll miss it. When I … More Year 2, Day 55