What it’s all about…

It all started in my hairdresser’s chair…

I’d never heard of this #100HappyDays 100 Happy Days/ … but, in June 2014, my hairdresser started telling me about how she was doing it. I loved the idea – it was so simple and a way to challenge your thinking for the good. When I went to the site and it said most people can’t finish it – there was no way I wasn’t going to do it. So I took a screen shot from the site and announced to Instagram that I was up for the challenge!

About a year later…

In my final few days of #365DaysOfHappy (where the initial challenge was 100) I already knew that I was going to keep going for…. quite possibly, forever. So far this journey has been a meaningful one and has really changed my perspective on life in 3 big ways…

  1. It gives me a moment from Every. Single. Day. – and I remember all of them when I look at the pic which sort of makes time slow down (while simultaneously realizing how fast it goes by)
  2. For the most part – I don’t remember if there were crappy things that happened that day because the captured moment isn’t dwelling on whatever I may have complained about
  3. Taking on this challenge created a positivity that buzzes in the back of my mind all day long because there is always some part of my brain looking for that moment to capture

To make it even better, somehow my doing this seems to have inspired a few people in my life!  This was really unexpected and so encouraging to hear that my little things (sometimes really little) could impact anyone else in a positive way.

So, here I am! I have no idea what will happen with this – but I”m doing it – so if you’re here and you’re reading this, THANK YOU! I  hope you enjoy my appreciation of life (big and little) and if you find it inspiring and want to join along, please do! I love a little company with my happy.

Sometimes bad things happen but it’s always worth finding something to smile about. I will warn you – some days are harder to find the good,  but I refuse to gloss over reality, or edit my life to make it look better than it is. Little pauses of every day that I can look back on and think – yep I totally remember that moment, and smile.

So, why these two pics?

Well, to the left, meet 4 year old me… innocent, unedited pure joy because it’s my birthday. To the right is one of the rare moments caught on camera where I feel like I embodied that same spirit as an adult. My goal? Just to feel those moments more… and it all really has to do with simply being present. We (or at least I) were just way better at that when we were kids. Although, there’s really nothing more amazing than feeling things – really feeling them,  and not thinking about the past or the future, or what it could mean. Just feeling things without self judgement, without any judgment at all.

This pic reminds me who I am when I'm at my best - carefree, silly, spontaneous,, and full of life, and really appreciating the sensation of this moment in time... I'll always think of this pic when I'm trying to bring myself back to my core because I can feel those raindrops on my skin even now
…And then there are the glimpses as an adult where I’m reminded of the joyful 4 year old within me. This pic will always capture that for me – spinning around in the rain like a crazy lady in Chicago without a care in the world.. carefree, silly, spontaneous,, and full of life – that’s my unedited happy – captured in a moment when I wasn’t looking. This is an example of where I was so present, focusing solely on emotion and my senses, that I can feel those warm summer raindrops on my skin now…
4 is my magical number – Here’s me on my 4th birthday, sheer innocent joy!

3 thoughts on “What it’s all about…

    1. Thank for stopping by my blog! Sometimes I know right away – but oftentimes I’ll have a number of happy moments and I’ll decide at the end of the day. The early, immediate commitment is more rare, they tend to be an extremely thoughtful surprise or something I knew was coming and was really looking forward to. Some days like today, I had my eye out but I was a bit heads down at work and I got home to find a delivery from Amazon with my favorite candle inside. I knew it was coming but today just opening that and lighting it was my comfort at the end of the day.

      So in short, I aim to have many good feeling moments and often do because I’m on the lookout for them.. but will typically wait to see how I feel at the end of the day.

      Oh and also – sometimes the happy moment that meant to the most to me that day is something that I couldn’t really visually capture for whatever reason. So, in those cases I need to get creative to find something to represent it and nod to it in the caption.


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